Custom Instructional Design Services, Employee Training, Explainer Videos, and eLearning

Shaun is a business entrepreneur specializing in employee training, business acumen, and leadership development. With decades of experience in both hospitality and manufacturing, Shaun has recruited, onboarded, and successfully trained thousands of employees through what he calls a re-invented approach to blended learning. We’re not just talking about a combination of classroom instruction and eLearning. Shaun uses a variety of training mediums that improve learner feedback, change employee behavior, and add money to the bottom line.

Shaun knows first-hand how most company training is “death by PowerPoint” and he refuses to take the “check the box approach.” Shaun empowers his clients by taking average employee training and turning it into something unforgettable.

Since founding his company, Powis Principles, LLC, Shaun is now helping businesses succeed by empowering their employees with knowledge through his proprietary blended-learning model. He has also been an eLearning Industry Contributor earning the Editor’s Choice Award.